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about nanoTech

Nanoscale coatings developed at NASA and released for public use in 1994.

nanoTech is the world’s first of its kind nano-coating, which was developed in 1994, and has since continued to develop and improve.

In 2002  nanoTech began cooperating with Japan’s top engineers and has continued to distribute nano coating to the public sector until today. about

Over the years our products have been tested by some of the top companies in Japan and around the world and in every relevant industry, like vehicles, electronics, construction, renovation, and more.

nanoTech coatings and various supplement  products will offer amazing and durable products in the years to come. Protecting any surface from extreme weather, reducing cleaning and maintenance costs, and development of self-cleaning properties are what make nanoTech the best choice in the market. Using nanoTech means adding value to your product!

With many applications fit for various user skill levels, nanoTech is here for you!

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The nanoTech Team about