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Sea Craft

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nanoTech offers solutions for sea craft owners and enthusiast looking to maintain their craft’s beauty and functionality for the long term while avoiding high maintenance costs in the meantime.


  • Prevents alga and sea shell from attaching to boat hull
  • Increases boat speed as nothing is stuck to the hull
  • Saves on diesel  due to low friction of boat and water
  • Fit for oceans and lakes
  • No maintenance
  • Saves running costs for traditional anti-fouling treatments


Above Water Paint

  • Self-cleaning properties
  • Super hydrophobic: dirt/oil/water repellent
  • Maintenance free
  • Prolonged deep gloss and mirror effect
  • Abrasion, chemical corrosion, and UV resistant
  • Extreme durability in any climate and weather for at least three years
  • Improve scratch resistance

Metal Surfaces

  • Preserves original look and shine
  • Anti-rust
  • Super hydrophobic: dirt/oil/water/salt water repellent
  • Extreme durability for at least three years
  • Maintenance free
  • Easy and fast cleaning
  • Ecological: detergent free cleaning


  • Self-cleaning properties
  • Super hydrophobic: dirt/water/salt water repellent
  • Extreme durability for at least three years
  • Improves visibility in all weather conditions
  • Improves safety of cruising
  • Ice, dirt and insects do not stick to the glass
  • Maintenance free
  • Ecological: No need for detergents, just use water and a towel!