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 by Ronit
Nano Coating Shower Glass

I purchased the DIY nano coating for my shower glass at home. A totally consumer friendly item, it was easy to appy and I am extremely happy with the results. Not only does it save time thanks to the no residue streaks but also has improved the overall appearance of my bathroom. I highly recommend it!!!

 by Anatoli

I purchased BASIC CAR NANOCOATNG KIT. I followed the step by step instructions attached to the kit . After finishing the application the car was shinning already . to see if this the material working for real - I did not wash my car for several months.One day I cleaned my car with a wet rag - the car was looking like it just got of of the dealership - amazing !!!

 by Gil Amsellem on NANOTECH USA Online Shop
NT-G4 for Glass

A while ago I purchased NT-G4 the coating for glass applications.
First of all I covered the inside glass door for my shower - the result was immediate - with the time I realized that I don't have a build up every week. Later on I covered the doors to the back yard two sides . No fingerprints and dust anymore .Amazing!

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