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Why Become a Reseller of nanoTech? Flexible pricing structures for business model optimization and market profitability. Resale of nanoTech DIY kits or provision of support services results in increased profits.  Authorized nanoTech service providers benefit from customer referrals and other cooperative programs. Resale of trusted international brand creates trustworthiness and reliability….

atomotive nanotech


Our original and top of the class products offer comprehensive protection for a vehicle’s out and interior surfaces. This product offers unmatched durability and superior functionality for both DIY users and professionals. Bodywork Self-cleaning properties. Super hydrophobic: dirt/oil/water repellent. Maintenance free. Prolonged deep gloss and mirror effect. Ultimate abrasion, chemical,…

nanotech DIY

Do It Yourself

nanoTech offers a wide range of applications for every day use. Some applications are already fit for the DIY market and some might require modification. Contact us for distribution opportunities! * Car Care Products We offer the only coating in the world that is as easy to apply and yet extremely…

nanotech commercial


Whether an office building, hotels, water park, etc. nanoTech offers long lasting solutions to lower maintenance costs and upkeep appearances for office buildings, hotels, water parks, and other commercial spaces. Glass • Self-cleaning properties • Constant glossy look • Super hydrophobic: dirt/water repellent • Extreme durability for at least 3 years •…